Publications are often produced on Sutton Gallery artists in the form of monographs and exhibition catalogues or to accompany a specific body of work.

This varied printed matter can provide invaluable insight into an artists practice and projects.

Here is a selection of titles that we recommend spending time with.

Helen Johnson: Warm Ties

Authors: Stephen Gilchrist and Helen Hughes
Editors: Juliette Desorgues and Tahlia Linz
Date: 2018
Published by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and Artspace, Sydney

Catherine Bell: We Die As We Live

The publication documents and discusses Catherine Bell's new body of work We Die As We Live. This work was created during a residency that Bell completed at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne.

View the entire publication here.

Gordon Bennett Be Polite

Publisher: Sternberg Press
Date: 2016

This publication brings together three newly commissioned essays by art historian Ian McLean and curators and arts writers Helen Hughes and Julie Nagan alongside documentation of Bennett's works on paper and a selection of paintings and other pieces to which they relate.



Nicholas Mangan: Limits to Growth

Publisher: Sternberg Press
Date: 2016

This catalogue accompanies the survey exhibition Limits to Growth, which has been jointly developed by Monash University Museum of Art(Melbourne), the Institute of modern Art(Brisbane), and Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art(Berlin). The exhibition and accompanying publication bring together four of Mangan's most significant works of the past seven years. Nauru-Notes from a Cretaceous World(2009-10), A World Undone(2012), Progress in Action(2013), and Ancient Lights(2015), with a new commission, Limits to Growth(2016).

Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh, Executive Directors, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; Charlotte Day, Director, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne; and Krist Gruijthuijsen, Director, Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.




Author: Glenn Barkley
Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art
Date: 2015

MY FELLOW AUS-TRA-ALIENS presents artworks spanning nearly five decades by Victorian-based artist Aleks Danko - from his earliest exhibitions in the late 1960s through to his recent large-scale installations. Born in Adelaide in 1950 to Ukrainian émigré parents, Danko career began in his parents' suburban garage. In 1971, after studying at the South Australian School of Art, he moved to Sydney where he became a central figure in city's conceptual art movement. The artist has consistently drawn upon his personal history in his artworks. The suburbia of his youth with its banal, architectural forms and seemingly anti-intellectual ethos remains a consistent presence in his work, as is his family's dark humour. He has also worked with a series of repetitive motifs, the most notable being a simple house structure, in order to re-orientate ideas from his own creative history into the present. Although Danko is versed in a range of disciplines, his practice remains firmly grounded within the world of objects. Using language as his starting point, he transforms sound, speech, rhymes, puns and repetitions into something more concrete. Akin to poetry, these text-based pieces are short and sharp, designed to be read aloud, vocalised and performed. In addition to many objects sourced from public collections, this major survey features significant works remade or reconfigured by the artist specifically for the exhibition. Curated by Glenn Barkley and Lesley Harding. Presented in association with Heide Museum of Modern Art.


Author: Kate Beynon
Editor: Art & Australia
Publisher: Dott Publishing, Art & Australia Pty Ltd
Date: 2014

Hong Kong-born, Melbourne-based artist Kate Beynon pictures the duality of her transcultural self and the alchemy of memory, folklore and contemporary life in her new collection of works staged at TarraWarra Museum of Art (TWMA). Featuring works on paper, paintings, an animated video and a suspended sculptural installation, the exhibition continues Beynon's interest in exploring aspects of transcultural life, feminisms and notions of hybridity in a globalised and precarious world.

Commissioned by Art and Australia for our new hardcover publication, An-Li: A Chinese Ghost Tale, the works are inspired by a supernatural Chinese story of two young spirits who traverse two diametric worlds, which is beautifully retold in the book by Beynon and Laura Murray Cree. Informed by ancestral imaginings, family connections and travel, the artist borrows from the imagery of ornamental objects she grew up with, her maternal grandfather's scroll paintings and the iconography of sneakers, jewelry and tattoos that are unique to her family. She then weaves these real world inflections with fantasy in the form of Japanese imagery, Taoist magic calligraphy and comic book graphics to tell the story of the otherworldly lovers. The pair, one earthly the other aquatic, are guided by Kwan Yin a goddess who oversees their path from suffering to healing.

Chinese Zodiac

Editor: Art & Australia
Publisher: Dott Publishing, Art & Australia Pty Ltd
Date: 2014

Art & Australia's latest book release, Chinese Zodiac, presents a dynamic new series of artworks created by twelve of Australia's leading contemporary artists imaginatively responding to the Chinese zodiac.
With an introduction by Benjamin Law, the book explores the relationship between humans and animals, the East and the West, through a diverse set of artworks stylistically and conceptually inspired by the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, as well as accompanying written responses to each artist's chosen zodiac animal.

Including works by Kate Beynon and Lindy Lee.

Lindy Lee: The Dark of Absolute Freedom

Author: Helmrich, Michele.
Exhibition Catalogue
The University of Queensland Art Museum
Date: 2014

This beautiful catalogue was created to accompany the exhibition Lindy Lee:The Dark of Absolute Freedom at The University of Queensland Art Museum. With essays by Michele Helmrich, Rex Butler, Suhanya Raffel, and Damian Smith, as well as images of all the works in the exhibition.This catalogue captures a snapshot of Lindy Lee's multidisciplinary practice.

Catherine Bell: The Remains of the Day

Essay by: Caroline Durre
Publisher: Impact Digital
Date: 2014

The publication documents and discusses Catherine Bell's new body of work The Remains of the Day. With an in-depth essay by Caroline Durre, which discusses Bell's ongoing exploration of death, desire, mourning and hope. Bell gives new life to disregarded materials, creating objects which speak to the departed and to the act of bearing witness.

View the entire publication here.



Catherine Bell

Essay by: Stephen Zagala
Publisher: Monash Gallery of Art
Date: 2014

Street strollers of New York is a sequence of photographs that document African-American nannies shuttling white children through the affluent mid-town streets of Manhattan. Catherine Bell's interest in this subject grew out of her own experience working as a nanny in London; she embarked on this project with the notion to pay tribute to an under-acknowledged workforce. While there is a significant tradition in documentary photography of images of heroic workers, Bell's images of African-American nannies belong to another tradition altogether - that of the clandestine street photograph. In these pictures, taken with a hidden camera and for the most part without the subject's knowledge, Bell has cast each nanny in the role of a fugitive.

View the entire publication here.


Anne Ferran - Shadow Land

Publisher: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
Date: 2014

Shadow Land is a survey exhibition of Anne Ferran's most significant projects and series, spanning more than 30 years. The exhibition has been accompanied by a residency in Fremantle resulting in a new body of work based on the disbanded library at the Fremantle Prison. Since 1995, Anne Ferran has been examining and re-discovering Australia's colonial past by utilizing museum collections, photographic archives and archaeological sites, nationally and internationally. Curated by Felicity Johnson, texts by Susan Best and Thierry de Duve.

Avaliable for sale here.


Stephen Bush-Steenhuffel

Publisher: Ian Potter Museum of Art
Date: 2014

Stephen Bush-Steenhuffel is a catalogue published to accompany the exhibition by the same title at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. Curated by Kelly Gellatly, Steenhuffel brings together works produced over a period of more than thirty years by the internationally recognised Australian painter Stephen Bush. In addition to images of the works in the exhibition, the catalogue also contains essays by Julie Ann Cox, Liza Statton and Kelly Gellatly.



Nick Selenitsch - Play

Publisher: Shepparton Art Museum
Date: 2014

Nick Selenitsch -Play,  is a catalogue published to accompany the exhibition by the same title at the Shepparton Art Museum. Curated by Danny Lacy, Play explores the complexities and social possibilities of the playground within the gallery environment. In addition to images of the works in the exhibition, the catalogue also contains images of previous works, as well as essays by Ulanda Blair, Danny Lacy, Kirsten Paisley, and Nick Selenitsch.


True Self: David Rosetzky Selected Works

Publisher: Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
Date: 2013

One of Australia's finest video artists, David Rosetzky creates intensely beautiful lens-based works exploring identity, subjectivity and relationships. Increasingly, he collaborates with professionals from the fields of theatre, dance, film and sound. Drawing on fifteen years of practice True Self: David Rosetzky Selected Works presents early portrait and longer duration videos, photographs, photo-collages and sculptures, revealing telling relationships between these aspects of his practice.

The catalogue for this exhibition features text by 13 writers, all responding to particular works and themes in Rosetzky's practice.

48 pages, full colour, soft cover

Sutton Gallery: The first twenty-one years 1992-2012

Essays by: Liza Statton and Chris McAuliffe
Publisher: Sutton Gallery
Date: 2012

This publication marks the twenty-first anniversary of Sutton Gallery and includes an exhibition timeline and artists' pages.

Outsider/Insider: The Art of Gordon Bennett

Author: Prof. Ian McLean, Prof. Kitty Zijlmans and Dr Georges Petitjean, curator of the AAMU
Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher: snoeck
Date: 2012

Outsider/Insider: The Art of Gordon Bennett is a substantial catalogue, publish to accompany exhibition by the same title at AAMU, The Netherlands. In addition to images of all the works in the exhibition, presenting a selection from the wide-ranging oeuvre of Gordon Bennett, the catalogue also contains essays by Prof. Ian McLean, Prof. Kitty Zijlmans and Dr Georges Petitjean, curator of the AAMU.

80pages, full colour, soft cover

Surfaces by Jackson Slattery

Publisher: ERM Books
Date: 2012

Surfaces is a limited edition artist book, which looks at Jackson Slattery's practice focusing on the luminal, malleable space between fiction and non-fiction, by juxtaposing disparate images to establish a sense of narrative. However, Slattery's preferred medium of watercolour possesses an inherent contradiction to the idea of a malleable reality, being completely inflexible, it does not allow one to remove of cover it up.

Simon Terrill: Proscenium

Essay by Edward Colless
Publisher: M33
Date: 2012

Simon Terrill's Proscenium is a photographic presentation of staging and performance. A proscenium, the edge of the theatrical stage, has here been initially defined through the lens of the camera and later via the edge of the print. The works in this book reveal an exposure of the world that was directly facing the camera at the time of the image.

Nicholas Mangan: Notes from a Cretaceous World

Author: Shelley McSpedden with introduction by Geraldine Barlow

Publisher: The Narrows
Date: 2010

The publication documents and discusses four major works of Nick Mangan from The Colony, 2005, The Mutant Message, 2006, A1 Southwest Stone,2008 to the current work, Nauru, Notes from a Cretaceous World, 2010. The in-depth essay by Shelley McSpedden discusses Mangan's ongoing exploration of numerous themes, including: the rise and fall of civilizations; systems of knowledge; the animal qualities of our collective behavior.  

Nick Selenitsch / Linemarking

Essay By: Shelley McSpedden
March, 2010

In late 2009, Nick Selenitsch and an assistant spent four days drawing in chalk in four locations chosen for their public prominence in and around central Frankston: outside Frankston Library, at White Street Mall, along Pier Promenade, and outside the Cinema Centre on Wells St. This catalogue is a documentation of that project.

Sara Hughes: Feedback Runaway

Essays by: Christoph Tannert and Christina Vegh
Publisher: Revolver VVV, Berlin
Monograph, 64 pages, full colour, 24 x 28 cm, Softcover, Deutsch/Englisch

The publication documents and discusses in detail the installation works of Sara Hughes from the past seven years. Her work has an ongoing concern with 'what we see' and 'how we see' and she is interested in the structures via which information gets transacted; particularly in relation to our media saturated world that has become mediated and regulated by information flow. Her current projects investigate imagery and data relating to patterns of behaviour and configurations of spectacle and national identity as portrayed through the use of colour, consumerism and propaganda.
Published in conjunction with the artists residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 2009

Aleks Danko Artist Book: Songs of Australia Volume 18

Author: Aleks Danko
Publisher: Aleks Danko
Date: 2009

Aleks Danko has collected overheard remarks and collated them into this intriguing artist book SONGS OF AUSTRALIA VOLUME 18: A NEW VALLEY OF TEARS. Their combined effect provides biting criticism of the absurdities of conventions within the use of an "Australian national language."


Aleks Danko: Songs of Australia Volume 1-16

Author: Kelly Gellatly, Bruce James, Jacqueline Thomas
Exhibition Catalogue
National Gallery of Victoria
Date: 2004

This catalogue was created to accompany Aleks Danko's exhibition SONGS OF AUSTRALIA VOLUME 16 - SHHH, GO BACK TO SLEEP (an un-Australian dob-in mix) at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in 2004. This catalogue provides an important overview of Aleks Danko's Songs of Australia cycle vol 1-16. The exhibition was the culmination of his two year NGV Contempora Fellowship (2002-2004). 

Stephen Bush: Gelderland

Authors: Ashley Crawford and Liza Statton
Exhibition catalogue
Publisher: SITE Santa Fe
Date: 2007

This beautiful catalogue captures the depth of Stephen Bush's first solo exhibition in the United States and continues to be relevant to the artists' ongoing practice. With two insightful essays and innumerable colour plates, this text embodies the depth of Bush's eclectic practice.

Gordon Bennett

Author: Kelly Gellatly, with contributions by Bill Wright, Justin Clemens and Jane Devery
Exhibtion catalogue
Publisher: National Gallery of Victoria
Date: 2007

Gordon Bennett has achieved international critical acclaim for the complex ways in which his work engages with historical and contemporary questions of cultural and personal identity, with a specific focus on Australia's colonial past and its postcolonial present.

The catalogue to accompany the exhibition includes a conversation between the artist and long term associate Bill Wright, as well as thorough analysis of Bennett's practices and complex body of work to date from Kelly Gellatly, Justin Clemens and Jane Devery.